Salifu Mohammed

Tennis Director
Salifu Mohammed or "Salif”, as his students know him was born in Ghana in 1986. Growing up in Ghana, he was surrounded by people who loved the game of tennis including his older siblings. This tennis environment paved the way for his own passion to grow and soon he was noticed and recognized by the Ghana Tennis Association. His training with the Ghana Association prepared him for competition in the Davis Cup representing his country. By the age of sixteen, Salifu began playing ITF events and soon gained a junior world ranking. After acquiring a junior world ranking he competed in Satellite tournaments and on the ATP tour reaching an adult ranking in the top 500 in the world. While training at Nick Bolletteri's academy from 2002-2005, Salifu made appearances in the junior US Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open tournaments. After finishing his training at the academy in 2005, he was able to enter the US Open's men's qualifying draw.

Teaching Career
As far as Salifu's teaching career goes, over the last eight years based in the Westchester area of New York, he has focused his efforts primarily on high performance junior players and adults. Past teaching positions include: High Performance Director, Gotham Tennis Academy, Bronx, NY from 2010-2011; Master Pro, Randalls Island Sportime, NY, NY Master Pro/Quickstart Director, Harbour Island Sportime, Mamaroneck, NY, Pro for Adult with tennis innovators. Here at New York Tennis Club Indoors, Salifu continues to train high performance junior, Quick Start, Junior Development, first time players and Adults clinics.




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Phone. 917-564-4441